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dc.contributor.authorYedla, N-
dc.identifier.citationNMD-ATM 2012, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, 16-19th November 2012en
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dc.description.abstractThe role of free volume on the room temperature plasticity of Cu50Zr50 metallic glass was investigated through spherical nano-indentation simulation studies by Molecular Dynamics simulations. Excess free volume was generated by randomly deleting the atoms in the glassy structure. In the present investigation ~ 4% excess free volume was created in the Cu50Zr50 model metallic glass comprising of 2457 atoms followed by nano-indentation. The load-displacement plot shows that free volume contributes for plastic deformation. The metallic glass that had excess free volume (4%) yielded at lesser load compared to the metallic glass model devoid of excess free volume.en
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dc.titleRole of free volume on the plasticity in Cu-Zr amorphous binary alloyen
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