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Title: Energy and Momentum Coefficients for Wide Compound Channels
Authors: Mohanty, P K
Dash, S S
Khatua, K K
Keywords: Compound Channel
Velocity Distribution
Kinetic Energy Coefficient
Momentum Coefficient
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Citation: 6th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics, Split,Wessex Institute of Technology with the collaboration of the University of Split in Croatia.
Abstract: Experiments were conducted in a straight smooth compound trapezoidal main channel flanked by two symmetrical floodplains having width ratio value≈12.The point velocities were measured throughout the compound cross section and isovel patterns were analyzed to determine the values of kinetic energy coefficient (α) and momentum coefficient (β) under varying flow conditions of Froude no. between 0.277 to 0.444 and relative depth between 0.11 to 0.43. The values obtained for α & β are 2.09 and 1.39 respectively which are significantly higher than their respective values reported by previous researchers for compound cross sections of different size and shape. New relations are suggested to determine approximate values of α & β with R2 values more than 0.97. It is hoped that the present findings will provide new guidelines for design and research in trapezoidal compound channels
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