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Title: Plasma Surface Engineering
Authors: Behera, Ajit
Mishra, S C
Keywords: spraying
XRD analysis
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing’s
Citation: Processing and Characterization of Plasma Spray coatings of Industrial Waste and Low Grade Ore mineral on metal substrates
Abstract: Emerging portable applications and the rapid advancement of technology have posed rigorous challenges to Metallurgical engineers for development of an efficient material which can sustain for long period at any type of environment. The foremost objectives are to develop required surface properties with economical process. Now-a-days the investigation explores the coating potential of industrial wastes. Fly-ash emerges as a major waste of thermal power plants. It mainly comprises of oxides of silicon, iron, aluminium, and titanium along with some other minor constituents. Fly-ash premixed with quartz and illmenite which are low cost minerals available in plenty are excellent candidates for providing protection against abrasive wear and resistant to erosion. Plasma spraying is gaining acceptance for development of quality coatings of various materials on a wide range of substrates. Utilization of such kind of industrial waste as coating material minimizes the cost of plasma spray coating deposition, which posed to be the major hindrance to its wide spread application due to high cost of the spray grade powders.
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ISBN: 9783659146046
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