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dc.contributor.authorKavuri, C-
dc.contributor.authorKundu, M-
dc.identifier.citationICMS2012: ‘International conference on Modeling and Simulation’ held in Zurich,Switzerland during July 5-6, 2012.en
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dc.description.abstractPhenol, one of the major organic pollutants from paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, iron-steel, coke- petroleum, and paint industry was degraded by heterotrophic bacteria Pseudomonas putida (ATCC: 11172). In a batch reactor, four parameters namely temperature, pH, RPM and phenol dosage were varied systematically to generate three time series data set which were being used for process identification using ARX model along with univariate and multivariate statistical monitoring of phenol degradation process. Different SPC (Statistical Process Control) charts and PCA (Principal Component Analysis) were used for monitoring the process of phenol degradation; hence, identification of abnormal process conditions leading to faulty situations.en
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dc.subjectPseudomonas putidaen
dc.titleBio-degradation of Phenol: Identification and Monitoringen
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