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Title: A PN Sequence Generator based on Residue Arithmetic for Multi-User DS-CDMA Applications
Authors: Chithra, R
Maji, P
Patra, S K
Rath, G S
Keywords: Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DSCDMA)
Multiple-Access Interference (MAI)
PN Sequence
Residue Number System (RNS)
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Citation: WASET Conference proceedings, Issue-66; June 2012;Copenhagen, Denmark; 11-12 June 2012
Abstract: The successful use of CDMA technology is based on the construction of large families of encoding sequences with good correlation properties. This paper discusses PN sequence generation based on Residue Arithmetic with an effort to improve the performance of existing interference-limited CDMA technology for mobile cellular systems. All spreading codes with residual number system proposed earlier did not consider external interferences, multipath propagation, Doppler effect etc. In literature the use of residual arithmetic in DS-CDMA was restricted to encoding of already spread sequence; where spreading of sequence is done by some existing techniques. The novelty of this paper is the use of residual number system in generation of the PN sequences which is used to spread the message signal. The significance of cross-correlation factor in alleviating multi-access interference is also discussed. The RNS based PN sequence has superior performance than most of the existing codes that are widely used in DS-CDMA applications. Simulation results suggest that the performance of the proposed system is superior to many existing systems.
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