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dc.contributor.authorVijeesh, T-
dc.contributor.authorRay, N K-
dc.contributor.authorTuruk, A K-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Symposium on lectronic System Design (ISED), Bhubaneswar December 2010. IEEE.en
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dc.description.abstractEnergy conservation is the major issue of concern for MANETs [1], [2] as terminals are battery operated. We propose an algorithm called selective prioritized clustering (SPC), to reduce power consumption at network level. It uses topology control and hierarchical clustering based approach, and is applicable to an environment where the complete network is divided into a specific number of clusters which includes sub-cluster. Each sub-cluster has two cluster heads.The algorithm produces a global path. During formation of global path all cluster heads are participating but when data transmission takes place only few clusters those are part of the global path participates. Local path method concurrently runs in the sub-cluster through which a global path passes. Local path formed in the sub-cluster further improves energy in that sub-cluster. The final path is the combined path of both.en
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dc.subjectEnergy consumptionen
dc.subjectlocal pathen
dc.subjecttopology controlen
dc.subjectAd hoc networken
dc.titleSPC: The Selective Prioritized Clustering Algorithm for MANETsen
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