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Title: Mechanical Behaviour of Short Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Filled with Alumina Particulate
Authors: Biswas, Sandhyarani
Debnath, K
Patnaik, A
Issue Date: May-2012
Citation: Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials 2012 (KASAM – 2012), May 9-12, 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Abstract: In recent years, great attention has been devoted towards the use of natural fibers as reinforcement for polymer composites due to the fact that this material possesses characteristics that are comparable to conventional materials. Among various natural fibers, bamboo has been widely used for many such applications due to its availability and low cost. In the present research work, the mechanical behavior of short bamboo fiber reinforced epoxy composites filled with alumina particulate has been evaluated.Attempts have been made not only to explore the potential utilization of bamboo fiber in polymer matrix composites but also to study the effect of various parameters on the performance of these composites. Finally, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) of fractured surfaces has been done to study their surface morphology.
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