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Title: Adaptive Protocol for Critical Data Transmission of Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Puthal, D
Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Keywords: WSN
mobile sink
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Citation: Proceeding of IEEE sponsored International Conference on Computing, Communication and Applications (ICCCA-2012) Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India, Feb. 22- 24, 2012
Abstract: The sensors in sensor networks have limited energy and energy preserving technique are important. Network lifetime is a key issue of the sensor network. Sensor Protocols for Information via Negotiation (SPIN), that efficiently disseminates information among sensors and provide the surety to deliver the data towards the sink node in mobile sink sensor network. Which is a negotiation based multicast routing protocol. Here we show how SPIN protocol is working in the mobile sink wireless sensor network, where our assumption is that all the sensor nodes are static other than the sink node. We apply the SPIN property to check the data delivery to the mobile sink and mathematically proved the cost taken to deliver the data. Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks are responsible for maintaining the routes in the network and have to ensure reliable multi-hop communication to sink under every condition. We prove that mobility of the sink doesn’t matter, cost depends on the distance from the source to sink node. We show SPIN is the efficient protocol for the mobile sink wireless sensor network. Also provide the random mobility model of the sink in sensor network. This is moving randomly within the restricted area.
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