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Title: Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna UWB Antenna With 5.5GHz band-notch
Authors: K, Aravinda Reddy
S, Natarajamani
Behera, S K
Keywords: antipodal Vivaldi antenna (AVA)
Ω-shaped slot band- notch
wideband antenna
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Citation: International Conference on Computing, Electronics and Electrical Technologies [ICCEET] 2012, Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education,Kumaracoil, Thuckalay, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, 21st-22nd March 2012
Abstract: This paper presents a compact antipodal Vivaldi antenna for UWB allocation with band dispersion characteristics. The main purpose of this design is the reduction of three parameter such as transient distortion, reflection co-efficient & surface wave loss. The proposed antenna has the capability to operate over the bandwidth 3-11GHz at return loss< -10 dB, except the bandwidth of 5-6GHz for WLAN .By cutting Ω- shaped slot in the radiating patch frequency band notch created. The antenna is successfully designed and simulated, it showing broadband matched impedance, stable gain and radiation pattern over a operating bandwidth.
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