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Title: Investigation in to Tribo Potential of Biomass Based Carbon Black Filler in Epoxy Composite
Authors: Acharya, S K
Samantarai, S P
Keywords: Rice Husk (RH) char
Weight fraction
Pin-on-disc machine
Abrasive wear
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Citation: International conference on Emerging trends, 23-25th March, 2012, NIT Durgapur
Abstract: Particulate fillers of which carbon black is notable example are widely used as reinforcing fillers in polymer industry. These fillers are added to polymers to achieve desirable and enhance the product service qualities. Commercially available carbon blacks are obtained from thermal cracking of natural gas and furnace black produced by incomplete combustion of oil filled stocks. This carbon black is relatively expensive due to its dependence on dwindling supply of crude oil. It is therefore essential to develop viable alternative source of fillers from renewable resources such as agricultural waste, bamboo stem, oil palm empty fruit bunches and coconut shells which are carbonaceous in nature and rich in organic materials. These biomass can be converted into carbon black thereby reducing unwanted, low value agricultural reduces and underutilized crop into useful, high value materials. In the present work the tribo potential of epoxy composite filled with carbon black derived from bio based filler,rice husk has been studied using a pin on disc machine.
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