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dc.contributor.authorTuruk, A K-
dc.contributor.authorBysani, L K-
dc.description.abstractWireless Sensor Network(WSN) is being emerged as a prevailing technology in future due to its wide range of applications in military and civilian domains. These networks are easily prone to security attacks, since once deployed these networks are unattended and unprotected. Some of the inherent features like limited battery and low memory makes sensor networks infeasible to use conventional security solutions, which needs complex computations and high memory. There are lot of attacks on these networks which can be classified as routing attacks and data traffic attacks. Some of the data attacks in sensor nodes are wormhole, black hole and selective forwarding attack. In a black hole attack, compromised node drops all the packets forwarding through it. A special case of black hole attack is selective forwarding attack, where compromised node drops packets selectively, which may deteriorate the network efficiency. In this paper, we discussed about selective forwarding attack and some of the mitigation schemes to defend this attack.en
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dc.subjectWireless Sensor Networken
dc.subjectSelective Forwardingen
dc.titleA Survey On Selective Forwarding Attack in Wireless Sensor Networksen
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