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dc.contributor.authorMishra, D-
dc.contributor.authorHalder, A-
dc.contributor.authorPanda, A-
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dc.identifier.citationInternational Conference on "Advancements in Polymeric Materials", APM 2012, February 10 -12, 2012, CIPET Ahmedabaden
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dc.description.abstractMaterials used for electronic packaging and printed circuit boards need to have multi- functional properties such as adequate thermal conductivity and controlled dielectric const. Hardened neat epoxy inspite of its good mechanical strength, often cannot satisfy this demand. In view of this, in the present work, Solid glass micro-sphere (SGM) filled Epoxy composites, with filler content ranging from 0 to 20 vol% have been prepared with an objective to modify the dielectric properties of the epoxy. Dielectric constant measurements are made for these composites using a HIOKI- 3532-50 Hi Tester Elsier Analyser with an applied Ac voltage of 500mv in the frequency range of 1kHz to 1 MHz. However in this study it is also noticed that that the thermal conductivity of the composites decreased with increase in SGM content which is not desirable. Thus, inorder to obtain relatively high thermal conductivity and low dielectric constant simultaneously, this paper suggests further addition of some thermally conducting fillers like AlN or BN.en
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dc.subjectPolymer compositeen
dc.subjectSpherical glass micro-spheresen
dc.subjectDielectric Constanten
dc.titleA study on the dielectric properties of SGM-filled epoxy compositesen
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