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Title: The Natural Composite: spheroidal Graphite Iron
Authors: Swain, S K
Behera, Ajit
Mishra, S C
Keywords: CAD Modeling
Renewable Source of Energy
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Citation: UGC Sponsored National Workshop on Innovative Experiments in Physics, 9-10 January 2012, Neelashaila Mahabidyalaya Rourkela
Abstract: The conventional materials are nowadays not sufficient to cater to the variety of uses and exposure to various environments that may take place while they are put into use. Hence this leads to the development of composites, which nearly suffice the above two conditions. Composite material is a material composed of two or more distinct phases (matrix phase and reinforcing phase) and having bulk properties significantly different from those of any of the constituents. In this developing age for iron industry there is large demand for spherodial Graphite iron (S.G. Iron). S.G. Iron also known as a composite in which the matrix consists of ferrite and/or pearlite and reinforcing component is graphite nodules which present in it. SG Iron also referred to as nodular cast iron or ductile cast Iron or spherulitic graphite cast iron.
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