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dc.contributor.authorRao, Y S-
dc.contributor.authorChoudhury, B K-
dc.identifier.citationLibrary Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services, Volume 34, Issue 4, winter 2010, Pages 105–114en
dc.descriptionCopyright for this paper belongs to Elsevier Ltden
dc.description.abstractThe main purpose of the paper is to find out the provision of providing Networked Services (NSs) among National Institute of Technology (NIT) libraries in India. Methodology used for collecting data was questionnaire. The survey findings indicate that the majority of libraries prefer to provide communication network services (telephone, internet, e-mail, facsimile etc), online journals (90%), automated catalogue system (85%), multimedia databases (85%) and support (70%) services rather than the other services. Concerning the zone wise performance, South zone (80%) libraries are more potential than the other zone libraries in providing NSs.en
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dc.publisherElsevier Ltden
dc.subjectNetworked Services (NSs)en
dc.subjectAcademic Librariesen
dc.subjectNational Institute of Technology (NIT)en
dc.subjectLibrary Services (LS)en
dc.titleNetworked Services of NIT Libraries in India: A Studyen
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