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Title: Deposition of Plasma Spray Coating using industrial waste with low grade ore mineral
Authors: Mishra, S C
Praharaj, S
Keywords: Fly ash
plasma sprayed coating
ceramic coating
industrial waste utilization
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Orissa Physical Society
Citation: Orissa Journal of Physics, Vol. 18, No.2, August 2011, pp. 199-206
Abstract: In spite of its extensive advantages, plasma sprayed coatings suffer from major hindrance due to the high cost of the spray grade powders. In the present investigation, attempts has been made to explore the possibility of using some low grade ore mineral and industrial wastes as coating material, with an aim to reduce the cost of raw material used for coating. Conventional atmospheric plasma spray technique is used to develop coatings of fly ash (an industrial waste) mixed with quartz (a low grade ore mineral) on mild steel and copper substrates. Coatings are characterized with adhesion tests, phase composition analysis, & surface morphology using scanning electron microscopy. This work establishes that, Fly ash-quartz mixture can be used as a potential coating material suitable for depositing plasma spray coating. This work opens up a new pathway for value added utilization of this industrial waste and low grade ore mineral.
Description: Copyright belongs to Orissa Physical Society
ISSN: 0974-8202
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