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Title: Determination of Physical Characteristics of Nifedipine Microsphere
Authors: Parida, P
Mishra, S C
Keywords: Nifedipine
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Orissa Physical Society
Citation: Orissa Journal of Physics, Vol. 18, No.2, August 2011, pp. 221-225
Abstract: We performed the quantitative physical identification of Nifedipine microsphere which shows sustained release action for the Hypertensive patients. The drug used as calcium channel blocker. Here the process of Analytical developmental study helps quantify the content in raw materials and in formulation of test samples. Nifedipine microsphere was prepared by solvent evaporation technique. Spherical microspheres having good entrapment efficiency surface characteristics. From SEM study it was found the image of the formulation. The properties of microspheres were found to be changed by various processing parameters to give microspheres of better flow property. The goal of this work was to investigate the influence of some process parameters on physical characteristic of microsphere. From the DSC analysis it was found that the transition temperature of Nifedipine microsphere remains nearly to Nifedipine pure drug which determine the significant parameter and efficient in swelling property. The data related with dissolution behavior of polymer exhibits sustained release property.
Description: Copyright belongs to Orissa Physical Society
ISSN: 0974-8202
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