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Title: Comparative Evaluation of Harmonic Compensation Capability of Active Power Filter with Conventional and Bacterial Foraging Based Control
Authors: Patnaik, S S
Panda, A K
Keywords: MATLAB
active power filter (APF)
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Citation: 9th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics & Drive Systems, Singapore, Dec 5-8, 2011
Abstract: Optimizing the performance of power system networks using conventional methods is quite difficult because of the complex nature of systems that are highly non-linear and nonstationary. In this paper, it is proposed to implement Bacterial foraging (BF) optimization to the conventional shunt active power filter (APF). A comparative analysis of the APF performance is carried out for BF based and conventional approach under unbalanced supply voltage. The instantaneous active and reactive current components (id-iq) method of reference compensation current generation; having greater sensitivity to harmonics and unbalances has been utilized here. Extensive MATLAB simulations are carried out and results demonstrate that the APF with proposed implementation of BF algorithm outperforms the conventional APF in terms of both convergence rate and current harmonic compensation.
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