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dc.contributor.authorPanda, A K-
dc.contributor.authorMikkili, S-
dc.identifier.citation9th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics & Drive Systems, Singapore, Dec 5-8, 2011en
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dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this paper is to develop Fuzzy controller to analyse the performance of instantaneous real active and reactive current (id-iq) control strategy for extracting reference currents of shunt active filters under balanced and un-balanced voltage conditions. When the supply voltages are balanced and sinusoidal, then all control strategies converge to the same compensation characteristics. However, when the supply voltages are distorted and/or unbalanced sinusoidal, these control strategies result in different degrees of compensation in harmonics. The p-q control strategy unable to yield an adequate solution when source voltages are not ideal. Extensive simulations are carried out with Fuzzy controller for Id-Iq control strategy under different main voltages. The 3-ph 4-wire shunt active filter (SHAF) system is also implemented on a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS Hardware) to further verify its effectiveness. The detailed simulation and RTDS Hardware results are included.en
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dc.subjectHarmonic compensationen
dc.subjectFuzzy Controlleren
dc.subjectRTDS Hardwareen
dc.titleFuzzy Logic Controller based 3-ph 4-wire SHAF for Current Harmonics Compensation with id-iq Control strategy Using Simulation and RTDS Hardwareen
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