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Title: Modeling of the breakdown voltage of solid insulating materials using fuzzy logic techniques
Authors: Mohanty, S
Ghosh, S
Keywords: Insulation breakdown
Soft Computing Models
Fuzzy logic
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomenon 2011 ( Annual Event), Hyatt Regency Hotel Cancun, Mexico, 16-19 October,2011
Abstract: In this paper , two different Fuzzy Logic (FL) models have been proposed those are able to predict the AC breakdown voltage of five solid insulating materials due to Partial Discharge (PD) in cavities. The predicted voltage is a function of four input parameters, such as, the thickness of the insulating sample t, void depth t1 , void diameter d and relative permittivity Єr. The requisite data on breakdown voltages are obtained after statistical analysis of the experimental observations performed with a cylinder-plane electrode system by step-stress method. The voids are artificially created for initiation of PD with different depths and diameters. The proposed FL models seem to be capable of predicting the breakdown voltages quiet efficiently and within a small value of mean absolute error.
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