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Title: Chitosan micro and nanoparticles for delivery of drugs and therapeutic proteins
Authors: Nayak, B
Parida, P
Routa, P
Ray, P
Panda, A K
Ray, A R
Keywords: Chitosan
serum albumin
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Citation: International World Conference, WCN 2011, Second world conference on nanomedicine and drug delivery, 11-13 March , 2011, Kottayam, Kerala , India
Abstract: Absorption of proteins into cationic chitosan microparticles through electrostatic interaction is a common process suitable for oral delivery of proteinaceous drugs. In this research work in order to achieve a good stable delivery system different combinations chitosan, acetic acid Sodium tripolyphosphate and model protein bovine serum albumin was taken. It was found that Chitosan of 4mg/ml and 5mg/ml concentration had loading efficiency more than 60% and with a particle size near about 300 nm. Morphological characterization of the particles was done using zeta sizer and SEM (scanning electron microscope). In vitro release of BSA from chitosan microparticles was checked taking different time intervals at pH7.4 using PBS (phosphate saline buffer). Sodium dodecylsulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) assay chitosan microparticles could effectively protect in a small extent the BSA from degradation or hydrolysis in acidic condition for at least 2 hours using HCl pH 2.0.
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