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Title: Performance Improvement of an Induction Motor Drive using Feedback Linearization and Fuzzy Torque Compensator
Authors: Mohanty, K B
Singh, M
Keywords: Feedback linearization
Flux estimator
Stationary reference frame
Proportional integral controller
Fuzzy torque compensator
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Citation: Proceeding of IEEE PEDES 2010 and Power India Joint Conf., New Delhi, Dec. 2010
Abstract: This paper presents the dynamic modeling and simulation of a feedback linearization scheme for high performance induction motor control which decouples the rotor flux and the rotor speed (torque) control loop. In this scheme the controller takes rotor flux from the feedback path and uses it for the cancellation of nonlinearity present in the rotor flux and the rotor speed control signal. As direct flux measurement is proved not to be suitable due to the need of sensor and the sensor in itself sensitive to temperature .The scheme uses a flux estimator. Furthermore the process is implemented on the stationary reference frame. This offers less complex method than the Vector Control Scheme where the requirement for the precise knowledge of the instantaneous position of space flux and the transformation of a synchronous coordinates system into a structure of stationary reference frame and vice-versa makes the system more complex. Like vector control it uses PI controller for speed and flux. To confront the problem of uncertainties fuzzy controller is used. The control scheme is simulated in MATLAB environment. Simulation result demonstrates good performance and makes it fair competitive to the other high performance schemes of Induction motor.
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