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Title: Synchronous Virtual Grid Flux Oriented Control of Grid Side Converter for Distributed Power Generation System
Authors: Reddy, B V
Chitti Babu, B
Mohanty, K B
Panda, A K
Keywords: Distributed power
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Citation: Proceeding of National Power Electronics Conference (NPEC), Roorkee, Jun. 2010, pp. 1-7.
Abstract: Due to depletion of fossil fuels and their possible pollution to the environment, the conventional energy sources are limited and more attention and interest have been paid on the utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, fuel cells and solar energy etc. Distributed power generation is alternative source of energy to meet rapidly increase energy consumption. However, due to intermittent power production by DPGS, they can’t be directly connected to the utility grid which causes power quality problems [1]. Due to advent of power electronic devices and technology, double sided PWM converters are used to interface DPGS with utility grid as they match the characteristics of the DPGS and the requirements of the grid connections. Power electronics converters usually improve the performance of DGPS and increase the power system control capabilities, power quality issues, system stability etc.
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