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Title: Prediction of minimum fluidization velocity for gas-solid fluidization of regular particles in conical vessels
Authors: Biswal, K C
Bhowmik, T
Roy, G K
Keywords: fluidized bed
fluidization velocities
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: The Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol 30, Iss 1, P 57-62
Abstract: The application of a conical fluidized bed as a remedial measure for certain inherent drawbacks of gas-solid systems is suggested. Investigations were carried out in Perspex cones with apex angles of 10°, 30°, 45° and 60°, with spherical glass beads of different sizes as the bed material, and air as the fluidizing medium. With the help of available correlations and packed bed pressure drop data, minimum fluidization velocities for the above cases were computed and compared with experimental data obtained from bed pressure drop versus fluid mass velocity plots, and the mean and standard deviations were calculated.
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