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Title: An investigation on loading rate sensitivity of environmentally fatigued fibrous composites
Authors: Ray, B C
Keywords: Weak boundary layer(WBL)
Matrix microcrack
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Citation: International conference on Materials for advanced technologies(ICMAT-2011) ,26th jun to 1st july 2011,Suntec,Singapore
Abstract: Both short-term and long-term properties of a composites depend decisively on the microstructure and properties of interface/interphase between the fiber/matrix. The rate of degradation of mechanical properties of a composite laminate could be higher than that of the individual constituents due to the synergy among the different degradation mechanisms. Composite structures must be designed to withstand the great diversity of environments, such as large variations in temperature and moisture. New causes of failure in composite materials are still being uncovered as service experience is gained. The rapid advancement of these materials has outstripped the understanding of appropriate failure analysis techniques. A need probably exists for an assessment of mechanical performance of such potentially promising materials under the influence of changing environment and loading rate.
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