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Title: Fusion Behaviour of Synthetic Aluminothermic Ferro-chrome Slags
Authors: Mohanty, U K
Behera, R C
Keywords: fusion-behaviour
characteristic temperatures
slag-metal separation
hemispherical temperature
liquid mobility
flow units
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: The Iron and Steel Society of Japan
Citation: ISIJ International, Vol 43, No 12, P 1875-1881
Abstract: Fusion behaviour of synthetic slags resembling those produced during Alumino-thermic reduction of chromite ore for production of Low-carbon ferro-chrome has been thoroughly discussed. The effect of fluxes like CaO, MgO and CaF2 on the measured values of the characteristic temperatures, which represent the fusion behaviour of a slag, has been experimentally determined and critically discussed. All the three fluxing constituents are found to decrease the characteristic temperatures. CaF(sub)2 is found to decrease the gap between the liquidus temperature and the temperature characterising the flow of the slag.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to the Iron and steel society of Japan
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