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dc.contributor.authorKaruppanan, P-
dc.contributor.authorRam, S K-
dc.contributor.authorMahapatra, K K-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical and Computer Technology, 23.03.2011 and 24.03.2011, Tamilnadu (ICETECT, 2011)en
dc.description.abstractThis paper present three-phase four-wire active filter for power line conditioning (PLC) to improve power quality in the distribution network. The active power filter (APF) is implemented with PWM based current controlled voltage source inverter (VSI). This VSI switching signals are generated through proposed three-level hysteresis current controller (HCC) that achieves significant reduction in the magnitude and variation of the switching frequency; it is indicating improved performance compared to 2-level HCC. The shunt APLC system is modeled and investigated under different unbalanced non-linear load conditions using Matlab programs. The simulation results reveal that the active power filter is effectively compensating the current harmonics and reactive power at point of common coupling. The active power line conditioner system is in compliance with IEEE 519 and IEC 61000-3 recommended harmonic standards.en
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dc.subjectActive Power Line Conditioners (APLC),en
dc.subject3-level Hysteresis Current Controller (HCC),en
dc.subjectPower qualityen
dc.titleThree Level Hysteresis Current Controller based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensationen
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