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Title: Organogels: Properties and Applications in drug delivery
Authors: Sahoo, S
Kumar, N
Bhattacharya, S
Sagiri, S S
Jain, K
Pal, K
Ray, S S
Nayak, B
Keywords: Organogel
Drug delivery
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: VSP
Citation: Designed Monomers and Polymers 14 (2011) 95–108
Abstract: Organogel, a viscoelastic system, can be regarded as a semi-solid preparation which has an immobilized external apolar phase. The apolar phase gets immobilized within spaces of the three-dimensional networked structure formed due to the physical interactions amongst the selfassembled structures of compounds regarded as gelators. In general, organogels are thermodynamically stable in nature and have been explored as matrices for the delivery of bioactive agents. In the current manuscript, attempts have been made to understand the properties of organogels, various types of organogelators and some applications of the organogels in controlled delivery
Description: Copyright belongs VSP
ISSN: 1385-772X
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