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Title: Tribological Aspect of Plasma Sprayed Overlay Coating
Authors: Mishra, S C
Satapathy, Alok
Roy, G K
Nayak, R C
Mishra, H K
Keywords: Sliding wear,
Plasma spraying,
Red mud,
Pin on disc test
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Orissa Physical Society
Citation: Bulletin of Orissa Physical Society, Volume 14, February 2007, pp 176-183
Abstract: Alumina producing industries generate a huge amount of solid waste named as red mud. The utilization level of this waste is quite low and hence newer application areas are needed to be explored. The present work reports the sliding wear behavior of red mud coatings deposited by plasma spraying. An atmospheric plasma spray set up was used to develop coatings of red mud (of particle size 80-120micron)on metallic substrates viz.aluminum and copper. The wear response of these coatings, made at different power level was studied by conducting sliding test on a pin-on-disc set up.
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