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Title: Mass transfer characteristics of a counter current multi-stage bubble column scrubber
Authors: Meikap, B C
Kundu, G
Biswas, M N
Keywords: Bubble bursting
Gas-liquid contactor
Mass transfer coefficients
Multi-stage bubble column
Wet scrubber
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: The society of chemical engineers, Japan
Citation: Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, Vol 37, Iss 10, P 1185-1193
Abstract: This paper reports on the experimental investigation carried out to evaluate mass transfer characteristics of a hydro-dynamically-induced multi-stage bubble column. As conventional normal bubble column could not meet the high mass transfer rate, this novel bubble column has been conceived, designed and fabricated as a wet scrubber for the control of air pollution; in addition it has versatile use as a gas-liquid contactor in chemical processing industries. Chemical methods have been used to characterize the mass transfer of the novel multi-stage bubble column. A liquid side mass transfer coefficient and a volumetric mass transfer coefficient have been found to be effective and improved from the previous work for such an improved gas-liquid contactor.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan.
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