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Title: An Improved Multiple Access Chaotic Communication System Using Orthogonal Chaotic Vectors
Authors: S, Venkatesh
Singh, P
Keywords: orthogonal chaotic vector (OCV),
orthogonal chaotic vector shift keying(OCVSK),
gram-schimdt orthonormalisation,
fading channels.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: International Conference On Communication and Signal Processing ( ICCSP – 2011 ) February 10 – 12, 2011,National Institute of Technology, Calicut
Abstract: The small yet non-zero cross-correlation between chaotic spreading sequences in multi user chaotic communication system leads to MAI. The effect of MAI increases as the number of users increases. In order to eliminate the effect of MAI we propose the use of Orthogonal Chaotic Vectors (OCV) as spreading sequences to modulate the message data. At the receiver a simple correlator type detector is used. Analytical expressions for BER are derived for both AWGN and fading channels are compared with that of simulation results.
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