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Title: Design of Sequentially Fed Balanced Amplifying Antenna for Circular Polarization
Authors: Behera, S K
Poddar, D R
Mishra, R K
Keywords: Sequentially Fed,
Circular Polarization
Balanced Amplifying Antenna,
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ICT Academy of TamilNadu
Citation: ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology, 2010, Volume 1(4)
Abstract: This paper presents a sequentially fed balanced amplifying antenna that exhibits circularly polarized radiation. The inherent benefits of good isolation between input and output ports as well as improved matching capabilities of balanced amplifiers provide overall system gain of 8 dBi at frequency 2.36GHz. The planar arrangement of the patch antenna elements are considered to form an array. The phase of the feeding in the array increases progressively from 00 to 2700.Each element in the array is linearly polarized. Here four elements were considered and 2arranged at the four corners of a square domain.This arrangement shows that each antenna sees its adjacent ones to be radiating from an edge orthogonal to its edge of radiation. Circular polarization is achieved due to this sequential feeding. This array is designed with operating frequency 2.4 GHz. A good axial ratio of 2.4 is obtained at 2.37 GHz frequency. The noise figure is considerably reduced and which is around -19dB.
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