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Title: Scrubbing of Fly-Ash Laden SO2 in Modified Multistage Bubble Column Scrubber
Authors: Meikap, B C
Kundu, G
Biswas, M N
Keywords: Multistage Bubble Column Scrubber
Fly-Ash Laden
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Wiley Interscience
Citation: AIChE Journal, Vol 48, Iss 9, P 2074-2083
Abstract: The emission of SO2 from various chemical industries is associated with particulate (fly-ash), mostly concentrations of particulate laden sulfur dioxide in and around these plants overshoot the danger point. Prediction of fly-ash laden SO2 removal efficiency is very important for the selection of pollution control equipment. Experimental investigations were conducted on the scrubbing of fly-ash laden SO2 in the modified multistage bubble column scrubber using water. Experimental results show that almost zero penetration (100% removal efficiency) of fly-ash laden SO2 can be achieved in this system. A correlation was developed for predicting the percentage collection efficiency of sulfur dioxide in the presence of fly-ash. Experimental results agreed excellently with the correlation. Enhancement of SO2 collection due to the presence of fly-ash was also quantified.
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