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Title: Performance of Cascade Multilevel H-Bridge Inverter with Single DC Source by Employing Low Frequency Three-Phase Transformers
Authors: Suresh, Y
Panda, A K
Keywords: Cascade multilevel inverter
frequency three-phase transformers
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Citation: 36th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, 7-10 November 2010, Glendale, Phoenix, AZ, USA.
Abstract: Among the mature multilevel converter topologies, cascade multilevel H-Bridge inverter is promising one which is an alternative for grid-connected photovoltaic/ wind-power generator, flexible alternating current systems and motor drive application. The CMC (cascade multilevel converter) can flexibly expand the output power capability and is favorable to develop. Present paper elevates a new structure of CMC with a low frequency three-phase transformers and a single DC power source. Comparing with conventional CMC this new CMC uses less number of components for same number of output levels. As three phase transformer was employed harmonic components of the output voltage and switching losses can be diminished considerably. Computer aided simulations was performed through matlab/simulink and simulation results for seven, nine,eleven, thirteen & fifteen level are presented to verify the performance of proposed cascade multilevel inverter.
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