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Title: Compact CPW-fed Dual-Band Antenna for WLAN/UWB Application
Authors: S, Natarajamani
Behera, S K
Patra, S K
Keywords: CPW-fed UWB antennas,
band-notched characteristics,
group delay.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Communication,Control and Computing Technologies at Kanyakumari,Tamilnadu, 7-9 October, 2010
Abstract: This paper proposes a compact planar single band and dual-band antenna for Wideband local area (WLAN)/ ultra wideband (UWB) applications.By etching C-shaped slot in the patch for dual-band antenna (2.45GHz/3.1-10.6GHz). The proposed antenna is successfully designed and simulated. It shows that broadband matched impedance, stable radiation patterns, constant gain and consistent group delay over an operating bandwidth.
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