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Title: A Digital Signature Scheme with Message Recovery and without One-Way Hash Function
Authors: Mohanty, Sujata
Majhi, B
Keywords: digital signature,
message recovery,
one way hash function,
forgery attack,
parameter reduction attack.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, 21-22 June, 2010, Bangalore
Abstract: A digital signature scheme allows one to sign an electronic message and later the produced signature can be validated by the owner of the message or by any verifier. Most of the existing digital signature schemes were developed based on the use of hash function and massage redundancy to resist against forgery attack. In this paper we propose a signature scheme with message recovery and without using one way hash function which is secure and practical. The proposed scheme is shown to be secure against the parameter reduction attack and forgery attack. Security of the scheme is based on the complexity of solving the discrete logarithm problem and integer factorization. The proposed scheme does not use message redundancy and is suitable to provide signature on long messages.
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