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Title: Development of a Nonlinear Model of Unijunction Transistor using Artificial Immune System
Authors: Nanda, S Jagannath
Behera, S K
Panda, G
Keywords: Artificial immune systems (AIS);
Functional link artificial neural network (FLANN);
Unijunction transistor (UJT)
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing, NABIC 2009; Coimbatore; 9 December 2009 through 11 December 2009; Category number CFP0995H; Code 79534 ; Article number 5393485, Pages 725-730
Abstract: The efficient modeling of unijunction transistor (UJT) is an burning issue in power industries. The available SPICE based model provides V-I characteristic of UJT. The output characteristic of UJT is nonlinear in nature and its modeling plays an important role in many applications where the output voltage of UJT drives any other device or circuit. In this paper a nonlinear device model is proposed using functional link artificial neural network (FLANN) and adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filter along with artificial immune system (AIS) for simulation of UJT. The potential of the proposed model is demonstrated for modeling of both the V-I and output characteristics of UJT under variable load conditions.
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