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dc.contributor.authorNandi, M-
dc.contributor.authorTuruk, A K-
dc.contributor.authorPuthal, D K-
dc.contributor.authorDutta, S-
dc.identifier.citation2009 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology, ICETET 2009; Nagpur; 16 December 2009 through 18 December 2009; Category number E3884; Code 79542; Article number 5395466, Pages 609-614en
dc.description.abstractOptical Burst Switching is a promising technology in Optical Network. Scheduling of data burst in data channels in an optimal way is one of a key problem in Optical Burst Switched networks. The main concerns in this paper is to schedule the incoming bursts in proper data channel such that more burst can be scheduled so burst loss will be less. There are different algorithms exists to schedule data burst on data channels. Latest available unscheduled channel with void filling and minimum end void are the best among other existing non-segmentation based void filling algorithms. Though it gives less burst loss, but not utilizing the existing voids efficiently. In this paper we propose a new approach, which will give less burst loss and also utilize voids in efficient way. Also analyze the performance of this proposed scheduling algorithm and compare it with the existing void filling algorithms with respect to burst loss by simulation. It is shown that the proposed algorithm gives some better performances compared to the existing algorithms.en
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dc.subjectOptical Burst Switching;en
dc.subjectScheduling algorithm;en
dc.subjectVoid filling algorithmsen
dc.titleBest Fit Void Filling Algorithm in Optical Burst Switching Networksen
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