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Title: Signal Processing Application in Fault Diagnosis of Three Phase Transformers
Authors: Mohanty, K B
Routray, A
Keywords: Condition monitoring,
Fault diagnosis,
Fourier Transform,
Discrete Wavelet Transform,
Switching inrush current
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE India Council Conference, INDICON 2009; Ahmedabad; 18 December 2009 through 20 December 2009; Category number CFP09598; Code 79708, Article number 5409482
Abstract: Data acquisition and subsequent fault diagnosis of a three-phase transformer is presented in this paper. A PC with data acquisition card is used for the purpose of storing, monitoring and diagnosis. Spectral analysis algorithms based on FFT as well as Wavelet Transform are used to obtain the signature of currents under various normal and abnormal conditions. The Wavelet Transform is implemented to extract the features from the transient signals simultaneously both in time and frequency domain. Current signatures so obtained serve as input for classifying various faults.
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