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dc.contributor.authorLadwa, T M-
dc.contributor.authorLadwa, S M-
dc.contributor.authorR S, Kaarthik-
dc.contributor.authorDhara, A R-
dc.contributor.authorDalei, N-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Conference on Instrumentation, Communications, Information Technology and Bio-Medical Engineering -(ICICI-BME) 2009, Indonesia.en
dc.description.abstractThe human mind always needs information of interest to control systems of his/her choice. In the age of electronic systems it is important to be able to control and acquire information from everywhere. Although many methods to remotely control systems have been devised, the methods have the problems such as the need for special devices and software to control the system. This paper suggests a method for control using the DTMF tone generated when the user pushes mobile phone keypad buttons or when connected to a remote mobile system. The proposed work has been done experimentally and has been verified in real time.en
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dc.subjectData acquisition system,en
dc.subjectBand split filters,en
dc.subjectIC 8870,en
dc.subjectAT Commands.en
dc.titleControl of Remote Domestic System Using DTMFen
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