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Title: Hysteresis Controller and Delta Modulator- Two Viable Schemes for Current Controlled Voltage Source Inverter
Authors: Reddy, B V
Chitti Babu, B
Keywords: Voltage source Inverter (VSI)
Current Control
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
switching frequency
current error
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: IEEE Student's Technology Symposium 2010,IIT Kharagpur,03-04/April/2010
Abstract: For improving the dynamic response of the system, most of the pwm voltage source inverters are operating with inner current control loop. The application includes high performance ac drives, active filters and power supplies etc. Recently pwm voltage source inverters are employed in grid connected distributed power generating systems in order to provide secure and reliable power to the utility grid. This paper presents the comparative study between fixed and sinusoidal hysteresis current controller for pwm voltage source inverter. A comparison has been made in terms of THD level at the three-phase load current, current error minimization, average and maximum switching frequency of the converter switches in VSI. The simulation study has been carried out with the help of MATLAB simulink environment and the performance of such controllers has been observed during load variations.
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