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dc.contributor.authorRay, B C-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Materials Science Letters, Vol 21, No 18, P 1391-1392en
dc.descriptionCopyright for this article belongs to Kluwer Acadmeicen
dc.description.abstractThe investigations aim to study the effects of temperature, sub-zero temperature and combined effects of thermal shock on interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) of Kevlar 49/polyester composites. These aerospace materials frequently experience this type of active thermal shock environment during their service life. Unfortunately, there is a lack of experimental data in this area. We use the 3-point short beam shear (SBS) test to promote failure by interlaminar shear and the results may be useful for the estimation of interfacial bond strength at the fiber/matrix interface.en
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dc.publisherKluwer Academicen
dc.subjectmechanical behaviouren
dc.subjectthermal shocken
dc.subjectinterlaminar shear strengthen
dc.titleAssessment of mechanical behavior of Kevlar/polyester composites after thermal shock conditioningen
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