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Title: HCS08 Microcontroller based Novel PWM Controller for Battery Charger Application
Authors: Kumar K, S
Pattanaik, Sushant Kumar
Swain, Ayaskanta
Das, J K
Mahapatra, K K
Keywords: Battery Charger,
Buck Convertor.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: IEEE Sponsored Conference on Computational Intelligence, Control And Computer Vision In Robotics & Automation, CICCRA 2008, March 10-11, 2008
Abstract: This paper describes the design of microcontroller based battery charger to charge NiCd battery with charging method, balancing technique and battery protection. Depending on the battery charge state, which is determined by Freescale HCS08 microcontroller the charging process is modified. Fast charging does not have negative effects on the effective capacity of the battery and on battery cycle-life. This paper proposes the microcontroller based battery charger circuit, which is more efficient in terms performance, safety of battery and cost.
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