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Title: Energy Efficient Techniques for Wireless Ad Hoc Network
Authors: Ray, N K
Turuk, A K
Keywords: Minimum energy transmission,
energy- aware protocol,
power management,
IEEE 802.11 PS mode,
power control and topology control
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IPM Publishing Company
Citation: Proceedings of First International Joint Conference on Information & Communication Technology, IJcICT 2010, Pages 105-111, January, 2010
Abstract: In Mobile ad hoc network, mobile devices are battery operated. The improvement in battery technology is slower as compared to advances in semiconductor technology. Although a lot of method has been suggested to conserve energy at different layer of the network protocol stack; many techniques are proposed by different study, however they have their own lacuna. Here efforts are made to have a glance over them and to summarize them in a technical way. We suggest three energy efficient techniques to reduce energy consumption at protocol level. The first technique conserves energy by reducing number of route request message while other two techniques suggest different approach to achieve that.
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