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Title: Dielectric and Ferroelectric properties of Ag modified lead free 0.94[KNN]-0.06[LS] Ceramics
Authors: Kumar, Pawan
Palei, Prakash
Keywords: Ferroelectrics, Microwave Processing, Dielectric Properties
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: International Conference on Elelctroceramics - 2009, Delhi Univesity
Abstract: Nowadays, due to environment concerns, there is a need for finding the suitable alternative of lead based ferroelectric systems. Lead free ferroelectric systems with perovskite structure have attracted much attention since they are easy to prepare and the structure is simple compared to other structures. Among all the lead-free ferroelectric systems (K0.5Na0.5) NbO3 (KNN) based system is important because of having high piezoelectric properties, high Curie temperature (Tc) and environmental friendly nature. But, there is a major problem concerning KNN system i.e difficulty in obtaining high density by conventional solid state reaction route (CSSRR). Modification of KNN system can help in obtaining high density by CSSRR. Therefore, in this paper we have studied the modified KNN system i.e 0.94[(K0.5Na0.5)0.98Ag0.02NbO3]-0.06(LiSbO3).
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