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dc.contributor.authorBarpanda, R S-
dc.contributor.authorTuruk, A K-
dc.contributor.authorSahoo, Bibhudatta-
dc.identifier.citationIEEE Conference Proceedings of World Congress on Nature & Biologically Inspired Computing, 9-11 December. 2009, pages: 1297-1302.en
dc.description.abstractRouting and Wavelength Assignment Problem in wavelength division multiplexed optical network is represented as an Integer Linear Program which is found to be NP-Complete. Our attention is devoted to such networks operating under wavelength continuity constraint, in which a lightpath must occupy the same wavelength on all the links it traverses. In setting up a lightpath, a route must be selected and a wavelength must be assigned to the lightpath. We have proposed ILP formulations for MaxRWA and MinRWA problems with a new cost function. The cost function is based on congestion with delay and hop-count is of secondary importance. Genetic Algorithms provide an attractive approach to compute sub-optimal solutions for the RWA problem. This paper discusses a genetic algorithm way of solving the RWA problem on standard networks such as ARPANET.en
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dc.subjectGenetic Algorithm;en
dc.subjectInteger Linear Program;en
dc.subjectRouting and Wavelength Assignment;en
dc.subjectWDM Networks;en
dc.subjectWavelength Continuity Constraint;en
dc.subjectWavelength Continuity Constraint;en
dc.titleA New Cost Function to Solve RWA Problem in Wavelength Routed Optical Network using Genetic Algorithmsen
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