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Title: A robust H∞ load-frequency controller design using LMIs
Authors: Dey, A R
Ghosh, B S
Ray, C G
Keywords: LMI (Linear matrix Inequality),
Load-Frequency control (LFC),
Single-area power system,H∞ Controller Norm bounded uncertainty,
robust controller.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Control Applications, (CCA) & Intelligent Control, (ISIC), 2009, 8-10 July 2009 Page(s):1501 - 1504
Abstract: A robust Hinfin controller design in an LMI framework has been carried out for a load-frequency control problem of a single-area uncertain power system model. For carrying out this design, the uncertainties have been restructured by considering norm-bounded uncertainty instead of rank-1 uncertainty structure of . The proposed design is simple and can be easily solved to obtain optimal values of the controller gain. It is concluded by simulation that the proposed approach may improve dynamic performance and disturbance rejection property over the existing controllers.
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