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Title: A Study of Different Energy Aware Metrics in Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Rout, S
Turuk, A K
Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Keywords: Wireless ad hoc networks,
Energy efficient routing,
Maximum energy saving,
Power aware routing,
Maximum network life
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: Allied
Citation: Proceedings of National Seminar on Recent Advances on Information Technology, 6-7 February, 2009, Pages 17-24
Abstract: Wireless networking has witnessed an explosion of interest from consumers in recent years for its applications in mobile and personal ommunication. Energy efficiency is also an important design consideration due to the limited battery life of wireless node. Since the network interface is a significant consumer of power, considerable research has been devoted to low power design of the entire network protocol stack of wireless network in an effort to enhance energy efficiency. Different metrics have been proposed so that packets can be delivered in an efficient manner with little delay, using shortest path. These metrics may have a negative effect in wireless networks because they result in the overuse of energy resources of a small set of mobiles, decreasing mobile and network life. This paper discusses on different techniques to minimize the energy consumption, in a network to maximize the network life.
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