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dc.contributor.authorThakur, G-
dc.contributor.authorMitra, A-
dc.contributor.authorPal, K-
dc.contributor.authorRousseau, D-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, September 2009; 60(S6): 126-136en
dc.description.abstractThe effects of ingestion of flaxseed gum on blood glucose and cholesterol particularly low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) in Type 2 diabetes were evaluated. Flaxseed gum was incorporated in wheat flour chapattis. Sixty patients of Type 2 diabetes were fed for 3 months a daily diet, along with 6 wheat flour chapattis containing flaxseed gum (5g), as per the recommendations of American Diabetic Association (ADA). The control group (60) consumed identical diet but chapattis were without gum. The blood biochemistry profiles (BBP) on being monitored before starting the study and at monthly intervals showed fasting blood sugar (FBS) in the experimental group decreased from 154±8 mg/dl to 136±7 mg/dl (p=0.03) while the total cholesterol (TC) reduced from 182±11 mg/dl to 163±9 mg/dl (p=0.03). Result showed decrease in LDL from 110±8 mg/dl to 92±9 mg/dl (p=0.02). The study demonstrated the efficacy of flax gum in the BBP of Type 2 diabetes.en
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dc.publisherInforma Healthcareen
dc.subjectType 2 diabetes,en
dc.subjectflaxseed gum,en
dc.subjectfasting blood sugar,en
dc.subjecttotal cholesterol,en
dc.titleEffect of Flaxseed Gum on Reduction of Blood Glucose and Cholesterol in Type 2 Diabetic Patientsen
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