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Title: Design of Single Feed Dual Polarized and Dual Frequency Rectangular Patch Antenna
Authors: Manohar, M
Behera, S K
Sahu, P K
Keywords: Rectangular patch,
dual frequency,
slotted and dual polarized.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: 5th International Conference on Microwave, Antenna, Propagation and Remote Sensing, 19-21 December 2009, Jodhpur
Abstract: In this paper, a design of compact single layer dual polarized and dual frequency rectangular patch antenna is presented. The proposed antenna is a simple structure of dimension 30.4mmХ23.4mmХ1.6mm and fed by 50Ω probe feed. The impedance matching and radiation characteristics of design structure investigated by MOM Based IE3DTMsimulation package. The simulation results show that the antenna offers dual polarization and dual frequency .The proposed antenna is exited by a single probe feed that is on the corner of the rectangular slot and the antenna frequency (f1)at 2.9GHz is operated in linear polarization .The frequency ( f2) at 3.9GHz is operated at circular polarization. It gives proper impedance matching at the feed Point. This antenna configuration would be quiet useful for satellite and mobile communication as it is easy to fabricate and integrated with RF circuitry.
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