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Title: Optimization of Dual Band Microstrip Antenna using PSO
Authors: Choukiker, Y
Behera, S K
Mishra, D
Mishra, R K
Keywords: Microstrip antennas,
Dual band antennas,
IE3D E M Simulator
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Applied Electromagnetic Conference, Kolkata, 2009
Abstract: This paper presents particle swarm optimization (PSO) method based design of a dual-band patch antenna using IE3DTM. The method effectively obtains the geometric parameters for efficient antenna performance. Maximum return loss obtained at 2.4 GHz is -43.95 dB and at 3.08 GHz is -27.4dB. Its bandwidth of 33.54 MHz ranges from 2.38355 GHz to 2.41709 GHz.
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